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Discovering My Grandpa’s Real Name.

I’ve been researching my grandpa for over 10 years, it all started with a Google search. It was a slow day at work and for some reason, it came to mind to Google my grandpa’s name. Let me tell you, there are a lot of Anthony Newtons. I tried searching by location “Anthony Newton + San Diego”...still so many names, plus Google wasn’t what it is now. I recalled my mom telling me that their original last name is Nenko and it was changed when they defected to the States. I tried that and nothing came up.

Knowing that European names are often Americanized I started thinking about other ways to spell Anthony...Tony, Antony, Toni, Antone, Antoni, and Googling them. I struck GOLD with Antonin Nenko and you’ll never believe what I found! A plethora of newspaper articles with his name! All the same story but run on various news sources. I sat there in shock; then the rush of feelings hit me. I felt hot and flush, I felt overwhelmed, excited, nauseous, and I know holy SH*T was said many times. It was at this point the whole adventure of discovering who my grandfather began to feel real.

The headline was the same across all the newspapers “More Czechs Seek Asylum in the U.S.”...

I'm not sure where this photo was taken but my guess is France. I wonder what book he's holding...a city guide book perhaps?


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