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A Little Update

Hello friends, it has been a while!

This project is still going...slowly. There are a few updates that may interest you.

Through my blog, I've met some interesting people who knew my grandfather before he defected. I find my grandfather's impact on these people very interesting because they remember him all these years later, about 55 years as of this writing. They found me via Google and shared beautiful stories about how he helped them, whether navigating US citizenship through the Czech Embassy or becoming friends with their family.

One man in particular has changed the trajectory of this project. His name is Peter; he is a brilliant researcher and writer and has opened many doors and opportunities for me. He was working on a project about science, technology, and espionage; my grandfather was one person he was researching and writing about. Peter worked with the State Security Archive in Prague and had access to all of the government archival documents. Peter reached out to inquire about my grandfather's life post-defection, and I was able to give him this information. Peter sent me a giant digital document with all of my grandfather's government documents, his original birth certificate, marriage certificate, and his application to join the communist party.

It's taken a while, but I've been able to translate many of these documents and piece together his story. There are still a lot of holes and answers I don't have and may never have. It's been hard for me to find the right way to organize and write the information to share with you and absorb it all.

I am excited to share more over the coming weeks and months.

I know the story isn't over yet; however, I'm such a forward thinker that I tend to immobilize myself and fear I'll get to an end and there will be no more to tell. So please help me by asking questions, sharing your stories, and talking with me; this helps me stay motivated and share his fascinating story.

I also LOVE to hear about your family stories; please share!


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