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Goodbye to My 30s

Dear 30s,

You’ve been so good to me and you gave me a ton of change which I’ve learned to love and embrace. A lot has happened in 10 years, thank you. I look forward to the next 10 years and reflecting back on the changes in my life.

  • I got married to the love of my life.

  • I had a baby!

  • Found the furry love of my life, Edith.

  • Traveled Europe; Czech Republic, Germany, and Iceland.

  • 2 cross-country road trips; one with a 2-year old.

  • Moved to two new states; Wisconsin, Illinois, and back to Wisconsin.

  • Made new friends and cherished the old.

  • Discovered what my own spirituality is like.

  • I’ve grown into someone I love.

  • Have grown to appreciate the small gifts life gives us.

  • My dream of living on a farm came true, just need those chickens and goats!

  • Discovered my passions of nature, gardening, and flowers.

  • I cherish the relationships I have in life.

  • I give all I’ve got to the passions that light my internal fire.

  • I’ve grown more patient than I ever knew possible.

  • Having an almost 3-year old has taught me so much; to slow down, appreciate the small things, and how to relearn and rethink how I want to live my life.

  • You hit your career goals and it sucked, and that’s ok!

  • Gave up dying your hair and are embracing your greys.

  • Started to write and share my grandfather’s story.

  • Being a mom is just one tiny part of who I am, not my whole being.

  • Took a professional coaching certification program, where I met some of the most amazing women in my life and learned SO much about myself, and have helped others learn more about themselves too.

  • I’m learned how to not give others the power of judgment, their opinions don’t matter. It’s my life and I choose how I live it.

  • Discovered my boundaries and limits, and adhere to them.

  • Kindness matters, a smile matters, a simple “hi!” matters, hugs matter, all these little things matter, and all these little things grow to have a bigger effect on building more kindness in the world.

My focus for my 40s is sharing kindness and being a light for others when days are dark. To embrace and feel my emotions, and learn from what God gives me.

Thank you 30s for teaching me so much and I look forward to what my 40s bring.

With love,


Last photo of me in my 30s on a beautiful snowy day!


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