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My Grandpa the Spy

I’ve had the realization it is my responsibility to share my grandfather's life story, as seen through my eyes.

He was a brilliant mind, he was a Communist, he was a kind soul, he was a spy, he had relentless passion and dedication, he was an alcoholic, he had a penchant for his career, he loved the ladies, he was the best grandfather I could ever ask for.

My grandfather passed away over 10 years ago, and over these past years, I’ve discovered his hidden life. He’s left me a trail of breadcrumbs that has led me to search and discover. I suppose it’s in my blood to be endlessly curious and crave for more. I’m excited to share his hidden life, unveil the truths of his pain, and share the story he was unable to tell.

He was ashamed of his past and my hope in sharing it is to embrace the thought that we are here on earth to live life the best we can, to pursue our passions, to face our fears, and to support and love one another just as we are.


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